These material and human requirements must be met in order to use the CATCH and LIFT rescue system successfully. If these requirements are not met, there is a danger for material and people.



Requirements for the vessel

  • Minimum breaking load for the fixing point, with all components on it in horizontal and vertical tensile direction: minimum 800 daN.
  • Height of the fixing point above the running deck: approx. 1.8 meters.
  • Vessel propulsion with a thrust force of: minimum 200 kg.
  • Freeboard height: maximum 4 meters.



Prerequisites for the crew

  • At all times there must be at least one person on board who... able to drive and control the vessel.
...has at least theoretical knowledge of the CATCH and LIFT.
...knows the attachment points for the block marked 1.

  • Every person (including children) on board must know how to attach themselves as MOB* to the end of the floating line.




  • Maximum lifting capacity: 200 kg (the person / persons gone overboard)
  • Break load of the entire system: 500 daN
  • gate clearance of the snap hook (on the pulley and rescue loop): 27mm
  • Total weight incl. case: 4.9 kg
  • Case dimensions: 364 x 295 x 169 mm
  • Service life of 12 years where the 2-year maintenance intervals are upheld
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