How can I get an unconscious person from the water with CATCH and LIFT?


This can be done in two ways:


The first option:

Open the case and hook the pulley in the topping lift or in the shroud. In the meanwhile, the second person on board activates the life jacket and hooks it into the snap hook at the end of the CATCH and LIFT rescue sling. Then this person should join the unconscious person in the water. The unconscious person should then be attached to the snap hook or put into the rescue sling and lifted back on board by two crew members.

The CATCH and LIFT rescue system has a maximum lifting capacity of 200 kg - no matter how many people are attached to it.


The second option:

You stop the ship next to the unconscious person. Open the case and hook the pulley into the topping lift or into the shroud. Manually pull the floating rope through the pulley until about 15 metres of rope remain between the pulley and the rescue sling. Using the boat hook, open the rescue sling until it has a diameter of approx. 1.5 metres. Take the unconscious person under the armpits into the loop by starting to move it upwards from the feet. Now close the sling around the person and pull the remaining part of the sling through the pulley until it is under tension. Put the sea anchor into the water and set the ship into slow movement. As soon as the rope is under tension, you can lift the unconscious person back on board.

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