We recommend professional maintenance in order to guarantee your safety and increase the service life of the rescue system.

The CATCH and LIFT rescue system is subject to a maintenance interval of 2 years. The maximum lifetime is 12 years.

The maintenance of your rescue system should not be entrusted to anybody other than us in our capacity as manufacturer or to one of our service partners in an authorized service centre. 


The maintenance levels depend on whether or not the CATCH and LIFT rescue system was used, and to what extent. 

Usually, the systems are maintained with "Check & Repack", unless we find increased salt and/or moisture levels in the case.  

Regardless of the maintenance, we always offer our customers a Clean & Repack service, for example, for training purposes.



Maintenance Book

The maintenance book is a document that you should receive with the purchase of a rescue system. It should be kept in a safe place. 

It provides an overview of any maintenance already completed and the dates at which the next service is due. If you are planning to sell the rescue system one day, the maintenance book may be used as proof of its being properly maintained and serviced at regular intervals.





Maintenance levels



Check & Repack


Clean & Repack



€ 59.00   incl. 19% VAT

€ 126.00  incl. 19% VAT


Once in 2 years

On request

Examination for moisture and contamination

System cleaning


Material and component testing

New packing

Replacement of the case gasket

Replacement of the packing tube

Case sealing

Maintenance order






The CATCH and LIFT case is fitted with two seals.  If both seals on the case are intact, it means that the case contents have been professionally tested and packed. If one or both seals are damaged or missing, we as manufacturer and you as customer should assume that the contents of the suitcase have been removed, altered or used.

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