How do I know if my ship has the required traction of 200 kg?


As a rule, sailing vessels with the approx. length of 9.1 metres  (30 ft) have sufficient engine power to reach traction of 200 kg. A suitable propeller with the required motor performance behind it is crucial for this purpose. We are not aware of any case where the traction of 200 kg could not be reached.


If you are still unsure, please don't hesitate to contact us. We have CATCH and LIFT PULLMETERS which can be borrowed from us in such cases. Our PULLMETER is a digital traction scale with a 15-metre rope attached to the original CATCH and LIFT sea anchor. If the traction scale indicates, for example, a maximum of 150 kg, it means that, with your ship, you can lift a person weighing around 150 kg out of the water. Most of our tests returned values of about 300 kg of pulling force.

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